Our Projects


After realizing that education is a sure means towards the improvement of the economy of Tanzania, the Tanzanian government formulated the Education and Training Policy Act in 1995. This policy integrated preschools into the formal schooling system. This is designed for children between the ages of 3-6 years, and the major objective is to introduce pre-schools into every primary school in Tanzania. The Tanzanian government has dictated that this policy be carried outby local governments, private institutions and individuals. The major objective of initiating these per-schools is to enrich Tanzanian children by promoting early childhood educational opportunities. Up to this point in time, educational experiences available to children have been provided by community members and family. In a formal educational setting, the children would be able to begin to learn about areas like religion, language, culture, health care etc.

In addition, the Tanzanian government aims to improve access to education and enrollment numbers at the primary and secondary levels, because in the previous education system high drop-out rates were commonplace.

Furthermore, the Education and Training Policy act was passed by the government after realizingthat early childhood education leaves an imprint on children’s minds, and it is a significant factor in the mental and social development of children. Now, the government is putting extra stress on local governments, private institutions and individuals to develop opportunities for this kind of education. This pressure derives from the government’s desire to develop the country’s human resources.

Natopiwo Project builds its foundation from these expressed needs. Natopiwo hopes to address these early childhood needs in the Maasai community of Northern Tanzania by setting up a Pre-school Center. This center would give children access to educational opportunities which will help prevent stunted cognitive development of child and will help produce better future performance in school.

Natopiwo project will offer pre-school and free Education to Maasai children at Monduli juu.

Free Education

Knowledge is not only power, but opportunity; it opens the door to choice, potential, and transformation. To deny a child education is possibly one of life’s biggest injustices. The Natopiwo Project is devoted to making education a possibility for Maasai children.

Helping Orphans

There are many orphans in our villages. And only few of them get formal education, many of them are at home and they do not get any assistance from the community and the government at large’’. Only the Ngo’s supported few of them.

Girls Project

Many maasai girls are denied education, so this special project was created for the Maasai girls. The project started because we have seen lots of the girls are suffering. For example they are denied education, their rights aren’t acknowledged, most of the girls are getting married instead of going to school.