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Ways to Help: Donate to Natopiwo Project!

The Natopiwo Project has the goal of eradicating all of these limitations and break down the barriers that are currently preventing Maasai children from accessing their right to education. By, creating a school that is in close proximity to the village and utilizing local Maasai teachers that can instruct in the language of the children as well as teach English and Swahili.

Also the Project is dedicated to giving Maasai children the educational opportunity they deserve.  Informal and Formal education will be supplemented with indigenous knowledge and teachings.  The children will become literate in both English and Swahili, while maintaining emphasis on their native Maasai language.  Standards in teaching will be current and relevant, catering to the particular needs of the child and of the community.  Maasai elders will be brought into the school in order to pass on their vast wisdom to the children, thus bringing together formal education and traditional understanding.

The Second step in the Project is to build Primary and Secondary schools in Eluwa village, enabling the children to gain a quality education in close proximity to their home.  Once the schools in Elwai are successfully in place and thriving, we will expand the Project. The Project is clear and powerful: create a Maasai-run educational program with an equal emphasis and balance between high quality instruction and indigenous knowledge, centered within Eluway village.  Once the Natopiwo project is successfully completed and efficiently running, we will implement the same unique model to other remote Maasai villages that demonstrate genuine need and desire for education.

The Natopiwo Project and MOP are non-profit organization that is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for Maasai children. Currently within Eluway village, children are being taught in a church building.  The children are eager to learn and gather wherever a teacher has assembled them.

The project is looking for funding to assist in building the much-needed nursery school classroom – once this is built, the funds raised will go towards supplying the classroom with educational tools such as chalkboards, desks, learning books, and hopefully, in the future, computers. In addition to building a classroom, funding is also needed to build volunteer housing for those continuing to assist in the Natopiwo project. Although the project start to support 46 children up to this moment where by 10 children are in primary and 36 children are in preschool at eluway village

Donations are greatly appreciated.  Every dollar raised brings us a step closer to bringing education to the children of Eluway village.  The goals of this Project will only be reached with the help of generous donors who wish to make a positive difference in the lives of Maasai children.  We value every donation made towards the project no matter how big or small.  We also highly appreciate fundraisers held in the name of Natopiwo to raise not only funds but also awareness of the project and the general struggle to provide Maasai communities with access to education.  This can also be a very enjoyable way of getting others in your community involved in the Natopiwo Project.

For more information on how to donate or for fundraiser ideas, please contact. phone +255787154055