About Us


Natopiwo and Monduli Juu orphans project is partnership none governmental organization working with orphans and vulnerable children in Monduli district.

The aim is to support the Maasaichildren who are living in vulnerability environment and orphans by supporting them in education level, health, and educate the families that care these children and the community.


Our vision:

We partner to end extreme poverty and environmental disasters by promoting education, gender equality and make a world a good place to live. By

Empower orphans and vulnerable children by holistically meeting their physical, mental, psychological and spiritual needs with a special focus on education


Our mission:

To educate the community the value of the children and children rights and help the children to identify their own potential for development in all aspects of life. And provide the pastoralists the opportunity to transform their own lives and their future of their community and their environment.


Project beneficiary:

Are children under 18 years old, orphan, children and children wholive in vulnerable environment, care givers and the community.


Sustainability of the project

project aim to ensure long-term sustainability through strengthening and expanding an effective support structure for orphans and vulnerable children and make good cooperation with church leaders, community leaders and other service providers, by working in partnership with decision makers at all levels.


Historical Background of the project

Musa Kamaika Lengidari, he is the founder of NATOPIWO and he partner with MOP (Monduli orphans project) which start working in 2008 in monduli district. In the Maasai language, the word Natopiwo translates to “lifted up,” and this is exactly what the Natipwo Project aims to accomplish.


He is a Warrior of the Maasai tribe of Northern Tanzania. He is immensely worried about the future of his community, especially the women and children, and the effect climate change and globalization are having on the Maasai way of life. As a result, Musa founded Natopiwoin 2017.

Through this organization, Musa hopes to create educational opportunities for women and children to positively impact the Maasai community as a whole. Natopiwo stands for “lifted up” in KiMaasai, the tribal language, and this directly reflects the mission of this organization. This project aims to help improve the living conditions of children and families by ensuring their basic needs are met and providing them with access to healthcare and educational opportunities.


The current goal of the Natopiwo Project is to build a pre-primary school in the remote village of Eluway, located in the Monduli district of Northern Tanzania.  This school is designed to prepare children for upcoming primary school, teaching them basic educational skills and introductory English and Swahili.  Within Tanzania, the educational system is very competitive.  Children must enter primary school with some past educational training if they hope to succeed and move forward in their future education.  Natopiwo will supply the children with the tools they need in preparation for the formal education system.  The location of the school will be in close proximity to the village, thus creating easy access to all the school has to offer.