What is NATOPIWO and MOP?

Natopiwo and Monduli Juu orphans project is partnership none governmental organization working with orphans and vulnerable children in Monduli district.

The aim is to support the Maasaichildren who are living in vulnerability environment and orphans by supporting them in education level, health, and educate the families that care these children and the community.

Our Vision

We partner to end extreme poverty and environmental disasters by promoting education, gender equality and make a world a good place to live.

Our Mission

To educate the community the value of the children and children rights and help the children to identify their own potential for development in all aspects of life.

Project beneficiary

Are children under 18 years old, orphan, children and children wholive in vulnerable environment, care givers and the community.

Free Education:

Knowledge is not only power, but opportunity; it opens the door to choice, potential, and transformation. To deny a child education is possibly one of life’s biggest injustices. The Natopiwo Project is devoted to making education a possibility for Maasai children.


Helping Orphans:

There are many orphans in our villages. And only few of them get formal education, many of them are at home and they do not get any assistance from the community and the government at large’’. Only the Ngo’s supported few of them and we are among of those Ngo’s.

Girls Project:

Many maasai girls are denied education, so this special project was created for the Maasai girls. The project started because we have seen lots of the girls are suffering. For example they are denied education, their rights aren’t acknowledged, most of the girls are getting married instead of going to school.

Community Empowerment:

This project aim to empower women and vulnerable children (early pregnancy, illiteracy, school dropout, etc) to have their rights to access productive resources and social services in order to change their livelihood and reduce poverty in Monduli district through VICOBA and entrepreneurship.

Factors Contributing to why Maasai Kids lives in vulnerable environment






Early marriage



Gender discrimination



Lack of education

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